hi readers~ its another lateee night post, well maybe morning post. Its almost 2am here ._. i need to watch a tv show on 1am so i stay up late until now..what a tv show freak yeah i know. Today is pretty tiring tho, i helped selling foods and drinks for the upcoming Labs Project, its my school event and held by the 11th graders. Well, we still have to raise some fund for the event to make it successful! It is held on May in Istora Senayan. Follow the twitter to keep up with this event, go go go! ^^ @labsproject12

Oh and thankies for mariska who bought bazaar personal style book for me <3 much loveee, I'll buy your gift asap mars!, dont worry :) It defines the meanings of personal style and how to find your own personal style. The book has some fashion quotes that i adore:

" Personal style is about taking classic pieces and reinterpreting them to make them your own"

"I think personal style starts from within because  its philosophy and an attitude. If you're honest and true to yourself, you have the best sense of personal style"

" Personal style is knowing yourself, your lifestyle, your body, and finding  clothes that become the frame"

" Personal style is dressing who you are, not what the trends dictate"
See? so i think to have your own personal style, you dont have to always follow the trends. Follow the trends that is comfortable and match for you and i think individuality is also important. You dont have to dress like someone else, it's better to be inspired with someone else's style and then modificate it your own way.

bye earthlings! sorry for my derp face, im feeling like taking pics from i touch these days 
xoxo, bella

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  3. Cute photos, love the style quotes :) have a fab week lovely! x


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