I bought this artyvek watch at pop up market :3 you can decorate it yourself with permanent markers, okay once again, permanent markers. Well, i decorated it with coloring pens instead. So the colors would have faded by water. At first, only a small part of the color were fading and i don't know what to do to make it better -_- then i got an idea, rather than only a small part were fading how about fading all the colors?

it's not that bad right?

infinite sign
Also yesterday i went to a concert *i wont tell u whose concert, its in the pic anyway. It was sooo hard to convince my dad to let me go there, but finally i went to the concert with my pals. It was fun! i love the stage lightning and decoration,not to mention the singers, they were so flawless :")

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  1. aaaa envy if I can go to!

    come & enter my threetones dress giveaway!

  2. this looks great! haha those watches are so cute

  3. It just like a style, darling,
    Not that bad.

  4. Cute look!
    I love your top, hehe <33
    Maybe we can follow each other? <3

  5. creative and cute! and so envy with you go to Beast's concert, don't you? :)


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