Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just a Little

Just a little
My heart feels a bit frustrated
It just feels a bit cloudy

Just a little, just a little
I am resenting the world

If you need to leave, if you’re going
There’s nothing I can do 

Just a little.....

It just hurts a lot

Letting someone you treasure a lot to go is never easy. I will miss holding your warm hand when we walk together. I will miss your scent, distinct scent that makes me want to hug you all day. I will miss going to new places together and we made it because you are really good at reading maps. I will miss that time when you show that eye smile when we walk together and it melts me instantly. I miss the time when i catch you eyes staring at me lovingly. I will literally miss everything about you. Didn't know that time would flies this fast, and in the end i have to let you go for a couple years. I will look forward to the time when we meet again, meet each others eyes, and embrace you once more in my arms.

Top and skirt : The editors market
Shoes: Lowry's Farm
Sheer outer: Zara
Clutch: I need tailored
xx, bella

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

He & I

ahjussi snapshot 

picturesque scenery <3

ahjussi said the teddy bear is ready to fight lol

Well, this is not an outfit post but i hope you enjoy seeing the shots.
Went to Pasar Bella (what a coincindence name is it) on Marina Bay yesterday with ahjussi. Went there in the evening and the ambience was really nice. It was monday night so it was less crowded and get got seats easily yay! I'm really glad pasar bella has a festival in town, and what's better than a food festival with lots a yummy foods? Even the price is yeah.. kinda pricy but still i love the atmosphere and decorations. At first i bought japanese food then i was still feeling hungry so i bought truffle fries. After that, we bought ice creams and my ice cream fell down bcs of a guy who ran in a fast speed towards my side! I even haven't eat it and it the end ahjussi bought me again..

After satisfying our tummy, we went to see the light installations. Those light installations are very unique and i keep taking pics of those. Totally appreciate people who made the light installations! So creative. The wishing tree installation is my favourite and ahjussi said it looks like avatar tree lol. Well, another outfit post is coming up. These days i enjoy sharing scenery pics more than my outfit pic, is it a bad sign? Anyway this is pretty much in the mid-week, hang in there! Patiently wait for the weekend~

When words run dry,
he does not try,
nor do I.

We are on par.

He just is,
I just am,
and we just are.

-Love & Misadventure, Lang Leav

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dear Clouds

 Hi! How's your weekend? For me Saturday is  a perfect day to snuggle up in my bed, drink green tea latte, and listen to k-indie songs all day long. Things are better now, no more thing called 'bad luck' and i'm starting to think more positively. This is one of my outfit when i explored Sydney on my last trip. Bought the dress in a thrift store for only like $5! Trying to keep comfy so i wear my new balance running shoes, yep.. another dress + running shoes outfit spotted. To make the outfit not too plain, i borrowed my mom's beanie! Actually it was really nice wearing that due to the windy weather in Sydney. I remember that day me and my mom just hopped from one shop to another shop around the city and ended up carrying too many shopping bags lol. Truthfully i miss the weather in Sydney! It was sunny in the morning and pretty chilly at night. At least the weather is not as dry in Singapore..these days idk why the weather is too dry here. I have to drink more water and just stay hydrated. Well, i'm gonna post more outfit from the trip in a couple days, have a great weekend all ^^


Friday, March 7, 2014

What Else Could Go Wrong

Cap: Lowry's Farm   Top: Uniqlo    Plaid skirt: Unbranded    Jacket:Unbranded   Shoes: Dip Drops

These past two days has been so unfortunate for me. It is not that kind of unfortunate like when losing your wallet, failing a test, and other things but i just feel that i always ruin everything these days. I'm being so careless and clumsy all the time. Its like i've been cursed and destined to have series of unfortunate things happening in my life. I think so negatively because of all those unfortunate things and it just disturbs me a lot. Whenever i want to fix the situation, another bad things will happen. I just need someone who i can talk to and give me encouragement to think positively.

 You know, when i feel really happy and think that everything is doing fine, i will start to wonder "Until when will this happiness last? " "Why everything can be just fine like this?" I'm just afraid. I assume that happiness is like bubbles which can pop and gone instantly. Well, but life goes on right? I just have too pass these things and try to cope with the problems rather than keep thinking negatively. I believe that tomorrow is a whole new day and i should start to do positive things and ignore that unfortunate events. There were times when i felt like everything is really not fair and i got bad days, then eventually everything changed day by day. Many things made me happy and finally i had overcome that bad days. So as these days. I can overcome all of it and keep believing that happiness is waiting for me tomorrow.

These are actually shots from months ago. My cousin, Lia took these lovely shots! This Uniqlo button-down is so comfy to wear. I really love the fabric. It really suits Singapore hot weather and giving a pretty vibe in my outfit. Since my obsession for plaid hasn't come to an end, i wore that plaid mini skirt. I think it is the first time you see me wearing cap on blog is it? Actually i was doubting whether cap fits my style but in the end it was not that bad. I pair it with that button down so the outfit won't look too casual. I should've post my shots in Sydney..but then i saw bunch of these shots which i haven't post so..yeah. Gotta hot the bed now, tmr is should start a new day and leave the unfortunate things behind! ^^


Photographs by: Lia

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Four Times Around the Sun

watch it in HD~

Hi! Got back from my 6 days vacation to Sydney and it was such a fun and relaxing trip. You know, some days you just need a short getaway from refresh your mind and leave all of your daily routine.  Anyway, do watch my travel video below ^^ Mind my shaky hands and unprofessional shots, but i made it just for fun tho, hope you'll like it. At first i have no idea what place should i visit in Sydney but it turned out that went to many places there! Thanks to my cousin that kindly brought me to the main tourist attractions and being such a nice guide. It is really good to bring my camera in a trip and start taking loads of shots (until the state that  had to buy a new memory card..) On the first days, the weather was pretty warm but it change to be super windy at the last days. Actually i love windy and cool weather since i rarely experience it in Singapore, but yeah..i have to go back when autumn is coming in Sydney /sigh/ 

I adore the old buildings architecture and the old town area vibe. It was like being in the Hollywood part of Universal Studio! lol. Also i didn't expect that the sushi in Sydney is so yummy! It's like super...delicious that i can eat it everyday. I tried the sushi near ferry wharf and the spicy salmon roll was out of words. Really. really. nice. Okay enough about the food, i'm starting to have class on Monday so i guess the holiday is already over. Time to make a fresh start on this module and aim for the best result! Giving you bunch of shots from my trip, hope you enjoy it! 

xx, moreway