Friday, October 9, 2015

In Days Gone By

So here i am with my last weeks in Singapore. Never know and a half years would fly this fast. When i look back at all the experience i've got in Singapore, i am really thankful for everything that has happened. So much things i've passed and people come and leave simultaneously. Back then, i felt like life is unfair and i still cant stand the fact that people leave me. Well, the thing is i know god will not always give what we want, but will definitely give what we need. 

Took a stroll in Keppel Bay few weeks ago with my friend. I got this floral playsuit at a tempting offer so well... i bought it :p This playsuit cutting is like more boho and i paired it with my floppy hat. Still staying comfy with my current fav sandals. Well dont judge me, i dont want to suffer walking at a long distance with high heels, so sandals ftw. 

I think im not sure if i could ever feel at home again. Part of me will always stay here because home is not just about where you are, but more like about who you are with.

Cotton On floppy hat & Playsuit, Dooney & Bourke sling bag, Topshop sandals
xx, moreway

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It All Feels Right

So yeah, back with another post. This past few days has been a roller coaster ride for me. I feel like so tired and yet it feels right anyway. Bumped into some unexpected situations and i almost blur how to handle it. Thank god it all worked out quiet well.
Nowadays i'm into those kind of apparels that fit me to walk around and explore the city all day long. Well, dress down at its best i guess. At first i hesitant to wear those strap sandals (since there's a big ornament in the middle and i dont rlly fancy 'eyecatching' stuff lol) but turns out it matches well with my simply simpleton loose dress. 

Someone keep me company for this weekend though. Im really grateful i got a multitalented friend like her. I don't know if i can survive this past weekend without her and fortunately i can pass it without losing my grip. We went to esplanade and head to the rooftop. Not much ppl around so we can freely took shots!

Ice cream cone on the tote bag? Who can resist?

 Everything's feels right when you got your best friend around while slurping yummy strawberry milk. Cheers!

Friday, September 4, 2015

o hi

Mom's vintage blazer, Zara top & skirt, Topshop sandals

Bringing out my mom's vintage blazer once again because its such a long lasting apparel i guess. Im currently obsessed with button front skirt! Looking for the button front jumpsuit or long skirt right now. I rarely wear flat sandals before, but i'm currently digging a simple and comfy outfit like this. Anyway, its a few months more until i go back to Jakarta and well..time flies indeed. I'm finishing my final term in uni and after that i will be a free human being! ( more like an unemployed applying for internship, masters, and stuff tho...) So, wish me tons of luck.

Have a great weekend ahead!
xx, moreway

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunsets, Green Fields.. and Good Companies

"We're staying here and never coming back,
Maybe we'll turn to gold"

Spent the evening in marina barrage this Friday. It was super hot even though it was already around 6 like...really hot. Well, we just chat and wait for the sunset and take tons of pics. I suddenly decided to shoot videos with my camera since i want to record a video with the black skirt's song. I already planned to make a video with chill and calm vibes and i think that song and marina barrage would be a perfect match. Do watch the vid in HD! ><

Before going to Marina Barrage, we decided to stroll around city hall and visit St Andrew's Cathedral.I really love the old architecture of the church. After that, we took bus and went straight to Marina Barrage. It is located just near gardens by the bay, you can reach it either by bus or taxi ( taxi is expensive so...bus ftw lol). We arrives around 5pm but i was still very hot. I dont know how the weather can change so quickly from heavy rain everyday until blazing hot these recent days. These atmosphere in Marina Barrage was rlly nice though. We had fun, took dozen of pics, and i recorded video. Spending late afternoon with lovely companies in a refreshing place completely made by day. 

rays of rainbow-ish light inside the church

wind game so strong i cant-

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Weather talk

Singapore has been surrounded by dark clouds and fat drops of rain recently. It is usually really hot and humid everyday, but currently it always rain here (even tho its still humid..) Fortunately, that day was different. It wasn't raining even though it was still cloudy as well. So we decided to take a stroll at Botanic Gardens! I already brought my camera but...i didnt put the SD card in (what a clumsy creature i am). Thank god my phone was there to save me so i can took some snaps on that late afternoon.This kind of rainy season makes me feel..gloomy i guess? but in a good way. I feel like i get inspired to write more in this weather. I also put a song that fits this gloomy weather at the end of this post. 

Wish i can stay i a four seasons area. I fancy that spring to summer transition when its still chilly but you already can feel warmth of the sun. Anyway, you can see that this post is a bit different right? I just feel like making a post that tells a story or have a certain concept. Since i was sharing hows the weather in my are, what about yours? Hows the weather in your place? and what's your favourite weather along the year? 

xx, bella

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Comes and Goes

egency top, unbranded shorts, kloom wedges, aigner sling bag

So im back from another monthsssss disappearance. Just got back from Jakarta spending my two weeks break by munching foods everyday lol. In case you're wondering, im wearing sleeveless top from @egency. Currently being one of my fav items and its really comfy to wear on sunny weather. As you know, i rarely wear shorts before bcs i think it makes me look short lol, but this jeans shorts is an exception tho. Got it on a weekend flea market below $10, pretty worth it right?

 Well, after my short break in Jakarta i realized that i miss capturing pics with my camera. Since i moved to Singapore, i rarely brings out my camera for taking pics like i used to in Jakarta. Maybe because carrying DSLR is too much burden rather than carrying an iphone?lol. Now i'm trying to take pics more frequently with my camera in Singapore. It's just a couple months more before i finish my degree here, so i guess i need to explore more when i still have the chance. 

xx, moreway

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The state i am in

Well, here i am now in my house at Jakarta, enjoying a week holiday and too lazy to go out because tomorrow i have to go back again to Singapore. I decided to post these shots, which have been abandoned for few months in my laptop. Went to Gillman Barracks few months ago. It is one of art spaces in Singapore and it consist of few blocks of art exhibitions. It is located around..telok blangah i think? I forgot already lol, anyway google is always there to help you. Been absent for couple months also on this blog omg i barely post a thing these days...but i update frequently on my instagram: @bellamoreway (if you're interested on my boring life snaps tho). 

I guess most of my clothing here is unbranded...except for the izzue shoes. You can find it in I.T stores in Singapore. Im currently into platform sneakers or practically sneakers and running shoes in general. Sneakers is a perfect shoes to walk around in Singapore or else i will get a leg cramp if i use wedges/heels. I also wear cropped turtleneck top, which i bought in bugis street. Coincidentally, it fits with my tartan mini dress, which i got from....bugis also. Srsly you can find a nice clothings with affordable prices if you look through closely in bugis street.

Well..these days life is okay for me. I mean i am not yet satisfied with my life, yet i am thankful for it. I'm thankful for many things that god has gave me but it doesn't mean its enough and i stop working to achieve what i desire. There are many things that i haven't accomplish and makes me worried about my future. But at this time, i just need to take a deep breath, look around, smile, and be thankful for what i have. 

xx, bella