flower power

Hi guys, it's been a while since i post about my outfit right? Well, now let me bring you the floral pattern! I just always adore floral pattern and almost most of my dress have floral touch on it. It can brighten your day especially if you wear it with your friend :) It was just really fun to take pics with your friend and just fooling around for a moment. Even though the weather was really really windy, we still took some pics. I dont know, the weather these days just realy messed up. After a windy day, then comes a really hot and bright weather -_- I took the pics in Bandung (again) and we stayed for two days and one night. im gonna post more pics soon. oh and thanks for my aunt for taking these pics! 

resembling each other's pose lol

girls with hair bun 
 me: topshop floral dress, zara vest, rea's necklace, artyvek watch, zara wedges
rea: topshop dress, rea's necklace and headband, unbranded wedges

xoxo earthlings~

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  1. Awwww you guys are so adorable!!! Love
    Rea'S dress. So 70s

    Yah I was originally from jkt. But had been abroad since secondary school. So pardon my bahasa, rada ngaco lol. Going back home this sat. Can't wait, had been away for two years :)

  2. fun pics - you guys are adorable and love the prints on both dresses, XO

  3. Oh the lovely girls!
    You guys are cute!
    I like you dresses.
    Good job on the aunt for taking your photos.

  4. wow you are so lucky got that free tickets, so envy with you. cool blog bella :)

  5. Congrats on the free tickets! Loving the prints!


  6. nice share, dear! i love your and your friends outfit :D

  7. nice dresses, and you´re so cute in this pictures. following you here and via bloglovin #6. see you.

  8. love the way your dress came in print blocking :D

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  9. thnks for the comment, i´m already following here and on bloglovin, hope you do the same. see you.


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