im back (again)

Okay ive been such a bad blogger since i forgot my blogger password .__. But now im back! Well, it's already 2012 isnt it? Hope this year will be much better than before for all :) Actually i'm gonna post about my studytour to Bali last January, but im gonna post my music video first cover first. I made it with my friend because i love that song :) check it out: 

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  1. Hi dear.. thanks for the comment :)
    You have a great style, i love it!
    I'd like to follow your blog, but I can't found the button to follow your site :(
    So, I followed you by bloglovin' ;)


  2. your style is adorable too! really? well i have to check my blog template ._. thx for me following on bloglovin ^^


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