Free Tuesday

Hi guys! Its Tuesday and im getting a day off *yeay! because my seniors are having national exam try out, wish them all tons of luck! Since today im totally free so i decide to post my outfits :) Im currently in love this asymetric pastel dress, it suits with any kinds of outwear tho. You can wear it as a boho look or a more formal looks

Boho Looks

zara vest,headband, and dress. Unbranded necklace. Kloom shoes

Formal Looks

zara outer and dress. charles & keith heels. unbraanded necklace. primark hairpiece

me with my aunt's daughter :3

 Well which one do u prefer? Tell me ur opinion :) Actually i like the boho look but the formal look looks better in the pictures. Oh today i also went to Gading with my friends and we all ate Korean cuisine :9 Well the only korean food i've tried is only ramyeon. The foods are all delicious! but its pretty After that we watch The Vow at the cinema. Well, it's quite a sad story :") Thank god it ends with a happy ending. Lastly i'll share my pics at the korean cuisine, get ready to be hungry ;)

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  1. Beautiful look!

  2. cute look! love your dress and shoes so much :)

  3. Those black Charles & Keith are my favorite. I'm thinking to buy the similar model at Payless..


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  5. I really like the boho look :)

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  6. those shoes have been my favorite too! they suit with any kinds of outfit

  7. wow such a nice blog,following yours.
    btw i love your dress and shoes.
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  8. Awwww I love the formal look much more! :D


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