I just want to share my photograph when i was on the school holiday. Well, these pics were taken on my holiday tour in July's been a long time isn't it? I kinda miss being on a long holiday like that, just travelling around, taking pictures of the scenery, visiting places that i've never been to, and other things. Actually i want to post about other thing but... i guess i'm too lazy to collect the pic and edit it *my laziness wins. Also tomorrow im going to Bandung, well only for one night. To be honest, i prefer stay at home tomorrow ._. but my dad keeps telling me to go so i guess i have no choice. Ok so just enjoy the pics :)

its the replication oh Eifell Tower in Shenzhen

fireworks in disneyland HK

the Venetian hotel in Macau

still, in Disneyland :)
Performance in Shenzhen's cultural centre
The Peak in HK, its a bit foggy tho.

Lightning on the performance

me..and my birdcage necklace

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  1. i love your header blog dear ˆ⌣ˆ♥
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    ❥ CheaperDuper

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  3. lucu lucu lucuuuu
    background baru nih Bell..
    I wish I could be there someday ;D
    nice pictures


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