holy moly minnie

disneyland hairpiece, changi airport ring(?),topshop outer, pull & bear white shirt, unbranded skirt, converse sneakers

Yepp it's another post from me :3 I'm trying to be a better blogger now lolz since i've been lacking on last month. Oh and i forgot the say merry christmas to those who celebrate it and an also an uhmazing new year ahead! This holiday has been quite fun since i went to Bandung and puncak last week. But this week i'm a bit..jobless? yeah, sometimes im eager to do something unimportant than doing things that i should do ._. i should edit video for my cousin and also make properties for our upcoming video. 
Today i met up with my elementary pal, Jenetha :D it must've been a year since we last met up, miss her! We went to GI and had a cozy chitchat and talked about our childhood stories lols. Also, tomorrow i'm having EPT test (kind of TOEFL preparation) at 8am....okay im too lazy to wake up early ;_; just wish me luck!
 So i just wanna say happy holiday to u guise! Spend this new year with ur loved ones and just have funnn :D
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  1. Bellaaa
    You look adorable on that skirt!
    Nice outfit <3


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I appreciate it ^^

    You look so adorable, and with the Minnie headpiece even more! :3


  3. thanks for visiting too dear ^^ lol yeah i lurvee that headpiece!


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