Its been a while since i pour my thoughts here. These past few months have been... well lets say that i've been coping with the impossibles. Last month was a life's turning point for me. Things crumbled, people left, and i couldn't barely eat for weeks. I won't lie, i felt suffocated and depressed. I told people that i'm okay while i'm trying my best to hide my feelings. However, above all things that happened.. i am more than thankful.

Today i decided to check my blog and i saw comments i haven't read. After that, i felt the urge to make a new post. I just want to say thank you for the readers because seeing all the comments triggers me to update this blog again, thank you. Not because it is compulsory but i feel better when i pour my emotions and ideas through pictures and writing. It's like a medium to release what's inside my mind. 

Anyways i always love pastel colors and pinkish tone for my shots. Since i don't have time to go out and take picture outdoor, i took some shots inside my room lol. Oh and i still love to put different music for each post that fits the pictures ambience. What do you think? For this post, i put Casker - Hidden. I swear they're a hidden gem in korean music. A perfect healing song to listen to in a calm afternoon.

'As i say so,
It is necessary to do so'

 'I may regret someday
              ....I set my mind.'

'I decided'

'I decided.'




  1. More power to you Bella. Looking forward to more posts by You ��

  2. beautiful photos! and i think you look so beautiful as well, bella! <3

    xoxo, rae


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