Peach Pit

Oh peach pit where'd the hours go
When your orange skin began to glow
From a hanging branch in gardens home

Lift back and see the darkness hid
Swallowed up an angled in
Looking back at sweetness dim
Ripe june had leaf and shady friend
The cool air is gone again

Explored the very west side of Singapore last week with @wnastri . I felt pretty much as a tourist last weekend. If anybody's curious about the location, it is in Raffles Marina. We went there by MRT and took another long bus ride to get there, but it was worth it! There was less people and it was blazing hot when we arrived and took pictures then suddenly rain started during down after we finish taking shots. It was pretty fun to explore places we've never been by only depending on google maps lol. I put this Peach Pit song on this post because this song just fits the location i guess?~ Anyways, it was a very nice weekend and i will post our other little 'trip' to picturesque locations in Singapore. 

xx, Bella



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