One Fine Day

 Hi! So yup im back with another post and i'm writing this at... 2.34 AM (noctural being it is). Its my last week in Jakarta because i am going to start my master course very soon! I am excited yet nervous for my new chapter and le's just hope for the best and see how it goes. Anyway, i had a chance to meet Vania, she's currently on holiday so we decided to had lunch together (which is all you can eat shabu2 yay ><) and took some shots!

I always combining vintage clothing with something simple so the look won't seem too formal. I paired denim dress with my semi turtleneck top because it was raining when i came to the place but suddenly was all sunny and bright when we took pictures. And as usual, white sneakers to the rescue. I just realized that i have lots of white shoes and i just cant help it. They're too essential. Oh can you spot something different on the picture tone? I decided to change my picture tone to make it more dreamy-ish. I just love pink shades with higher exposure.

see u on the next post and have a great day loves!
xx, Bella

Currently heart this song and i think it suits my post so take a listen ^^



  1. your outfit is so lovely❤ wish you luck in your new chapter!

  2. you look so cute in this outfit! love the stripes! :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. super cute dear, goodluck for ur new chapter xo


  4. I really love your outfif. Anyway, good luck for your master course ^.^

  5. Love that outfit❤️ u got so many creative ideas which really make me feel ur passion������������ Keep updating ur blog my new friend����

    By Zoe :)))))

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