Yass im finally back with a new post! I am trying to be more productive this weekend because this whole week i'm just recovery from my severe flu /sigh. Like i've told you before, last month was very hectic for me because i had an internship as a financial analyst. Yep, my working field doesn't really relates to fashion industry but i enjoy it! Last month i also had a garage sale in trove market <3 I'm gonna make a separate post for this so hang in there will you? 

i always love dress + top combination. Its really nice if you want to make the look more casual and less revealing. Some ppl said i look like Annabelle with this look?

Being in a busy schedule was unexpectedly fun though, i met new friends, experience, and networks. Frankly, i find it difficult to be a pro-active and approachable person. I don't quite know how to start a conversation with strangers and it worries me a lot.. but well, i guess it is who i am. I guess everything needs practice and takes time and we don't need to to be someone else that we're not. Being the way i am right now is a blessing,

being you is a blessing.

got these tatoos from @beach.tatoos booth and lavvvv them



thankies for visiting and commenting :3