Special Girl

Have you ever feel like a special person to someone? Like you are treated differently from others and that thing can makes you smile even in your worst days. Well, feeling special can come from many things right? Even shoes can makes us feel special when we wear them. Sachlirene Shoes with their unique wondersole give a special feeling to the one who wears them. Sachlirene Shoes is a premium customize shoe brand that ships worldwide! In every Sachlirene shoes, we will get a personal message and we would not know what is it until we open the package. 

For me, sometimes buying shoes online is a bit complicated because of the shoes size. To cope with that problem, Sachlirene Shoes provide foot length information for the customer. In Sachlirene website, there is also some easy steps to measure your foot size. So, i don't have to worry about my shoes size and can straightly buy the shoes ><

Beside that, we can also choose our favorite color for the shoes. How cool is that? You can mix and match the shoe color referring to your preference so it feels more special right?

For the payment, we can choose to pay either with IDR or USD. So it is easier for the customer who buys outside Indonesia. We can pay via PayPal or just simply with bank transfer method. Sachlirene Shoes have loads of shoes variety including flats, wedges, and also pump shoes. Personally, i really heart this Rose platform shoes! The design is so gorgeous and they also can make me taller if i wear them (short girls prob :p)

For further information of this stunning shoe product, do visit the website here: SACHLIRENE SHOES
Instagram: @sachlirene_id

Happy Shopping guys! This product ships internationally so don't hestitate to pick your favorite shoes from Sachlerene Shoes ^^




  1. The last heels is so cute :D

  2. Oh gosh, these are so lovely! Inspirational shoes, yay!!

  3. amazing idea!!!
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    click the link. Good Luck :)

  4. wow those are super nice! might get one for myself!
    thanks for the recommendation :)


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