Encounter pt.2

Hi! I met another blogger on my holiday and that's Kak Bertha from The Dream Redemption. Actually we first met in French course and now we become blogger mate! We went to cacaote and oddyseia to fulfill our appetite. We planned to visit colette & lola too but there wasn't enough time lol. I know...i was like a mini food trip lol but we also took some outfit shots! For the outfit, i wore my floral crop top but since it's too revealing i mix it with my long sleeved top. Surprisingly, i wore another jeans! This rolled up jeans is too comfy too resist so..yeah.

Our first destination is Cacaote! We didn't book first so we got a place upstairs. The cakes are just... super yum. Personally i realy loveee the round chocolate cake! (well..i forgot the name) and the matcha cake is also very nice. After eating two cakes, my stomach already felt so full lol.

For the main dish, we visit Oddyseia. It's an outdoor restaurant with cozy atmosphere and cool halloween decoration! There were many artificial spider webs to give the halloween vibe and they also serve halloween special macaroon >< I chose calamari for the dish and it turned out pretty delicious. Overall the dishes are yummy! After that, we went home and..got stuck in traffic jam lol

selca time!

our full shot!

idk but i like this outdoor shot!

So, that was my mini food trip w/ kak Bertha in Jakarta. I felt like gaining weight directly after that! haha srsly i think i ate too much in my holiday. Trying to get in shape and run every morning but i am too lazy (yes, i am that lazy) but since good food makes me happy... i just can't say no right?




  1. ahh bel! your shoes is too cute! long to see both of you !!


  2. cute outfit!! I love your pants and shoes <3
    and those cakes look really good :9


  3. I love your outfit & all of the food looks delicious!

  4. Cute shoes dear, I really want to go the that restaurants <3

    Chic Swank

  5. aaahh love the way you using the jeans and your shoes.. look so fun!!! kok gak ajak ajak huhuhu


  6. Sounds like a lot of fun to meet a blogger mate! And as usual, the food you eat always look so freakin delicious, everything Halloween themed is always exciting :3

    I think you really should wear jeans more, they suit you good. I have seen it for myself after all!
    And I like the waist, it's stretchy and looks like it could fit nicely. My own favourite pair of jeans is rolled up, so I support yours :D Such trendy shoes, have to buy new ones for myself ASAP (」゜ロ゜)」

  7. That pumpkin macaroon is so cute!! And also all the cakes *_*
    It's must be really nice to meet your blogger mate! hope we can meet one day too :p
    your jeans look super nice!! :D and super comfy too haha


  8. you look amazing and chic ♥
    adorable as always


  9. Love how you combine the crop top with jeans and that shoes! The food looks so yummy and delicious :3


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