Do you know how it feels when you suddenly realize that you miss someone when that person is not around? Do you know how it feels when your heart flutters without your notice?

But after she meet that person, she just cannot tell all the things she'd like to say in front of that person. She just cannot explain her feelings clearly with talking. She is no good at talking.

Again, she is likely to think too much. She doesn't want to think and care more about that person because she is afraid that she might get hurt. That she might be flying too high and she can fall down at any time and it will hurt badly.

So please, don't get tired of approaching her first. Maybe she doesn't show her smile in front of that person, but deep down it may be the best moment on her day.

Don't mess around with her feelings because she feels uneasy when a person do that. She already closed her door to all emotions and unnecessary feelings which she just can't handle.

Ever since she met that person, she tries to open that door slowly.
But if that person hurts her, she will close that door.. once again.

H&M jacket and dress
Unbranded sling bag
Uniqlo socks

Style dasher shoes



  1. I love everything in this outfit! especially your jacket omg~ <33333

  2. Cute outfit! The shoes are really cool!


  3. beautiful and true text, thank you for sharing! As for the photographs, I've got to say they are wonderful! So athmospheric and melancholic, just love it!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  4. love floral :) pretty look!

  5. super!:) xo

  6. cute look, and you have one awesome jacket there...

  7. so great! love the jackett xx
    thanks for the sweet comment <3

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  8. JAKET SM SEPATUNYAAA mau bgttttt! hahahaha. gilee dikau tinggi bgt disini deeh, pangling hihi ;)


  9. Dan. akhirnya Bella membuat puisi. No, no, she's not Bella Swan. *ganyambung
    Kalo pintumu tertutup, saya ketok, dibuka yaa /pentingbanget/
    Okay, *brb ambil gendang. LOL!! HAHAHAHAA
    Sepatunyaa itu looh *RAMPOK!~

    Salam, lope" di udara. >_<

  10. love your jacket <3

  11. love the outwear and loving your blog too :)

  12. Cool outfit, love it! :)
    Following you now, follow back? :) ♥

  13. I'm falling in love with your jacket! :D


  14. thanks for the great comment <33 waiting for ur next post x

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  15. Amazing post! I love it! :)
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  16. love your jacket !

  17. Lovely dress
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  18. That jacket is awesome! *O*
    Men just have to be more sensitive, they easily give up on people that could have made them happy :{

  19. jaketnya beliii di hm manaaaa kece banget gilak!! love love your style soo much!

  20. That jacket looks really great.

  21. I want your jacketttt!! <3

  22. Love the miniature bag and how you paired a floral dress with a tough jacket!

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