soul for seoul

warning! pictures overload

YAY im finally back on track! Its like been a month since my last update. July was an amazing month! I had many experience that i wont fogret. I went to south korea in the eraly July, after that i was a host for exhange studenst from Taiwan *miss u guys so much!! So i had to accompany them to many places and didnt have much time to update this blog. Anyway i went to Seoul for 4 days, it was a short yet exciting trip! I went there for a shopping tour with Miss Jinjing and my family. Wish i could stay there longer :(

incheon international airport!

its super delicious!


After we had lunch, we went to insadong. Heart this place so much <3 There are many small boutique and souvenir stores, not to mention the yummy foods! Also its really clean and has a calming atmosphere~ At night we watched Fantastick musical, it was great and entertaining!


Morning in Seoul! Me and my mom took many pics around the hotel area lol, then we went to Lotte Premiun  Outlet in Paju. I didn't buy anything there tho, i just really not really into branded stuff. After that we to the palace and Seoul tower, but i wont show it on this post because there are already too much pics overload!lol

im gonna post the next days soon! 

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  1. Annyeong!
    Aksesorisnya lucu-lucu bgtt.. Mahal nggak sih disana?

  2. Oh you're so lucky! I'd love to visit South Korea one day... :)
    Great photos btw! ;)

  3. Looks like a whole lotta fun! You guys look adorable =)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  4. Yeah I hate tour limits. :D I always need my own time whenever I go somewhere. ^^

  5. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back?

  6. envy youuu i really want to go to korea too :(
    anyway great post!

    Michelle Angeline

  7. thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog, and thans for the follow, i'm already following you :) hope we keep in touch. if you like follow me on facebook too

  8. aa i wish i can go to korea too!
    u r so luckyy <3

  9. Eyy why you use Al's username

  10. Great post !

    Love your style ! Such a great inspiration
    Your pictures are so cool !


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  11. super envyy you could goo there

  12. you're back! :))
    the last time i went to korea
    all i can remember was eating kimchi, rice and seaweed everyday! haha!


  13. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)


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