soul for seoul 2

The trip still continues~ I was at the palace, and it was huge! I love the architecture, it reminds me of Korean dramas lol.

i dont know but i like this pic lol

After that, we went to the place that i really adore...Namsan Tower <3 Okay so before we got to Korea, i really really really wanted to go there, its one of my wanted destination! Well, it came true :D i love seeing the scenery from the top of the tower. I also put padlocks there <3 Its like thousands of padlocks from couples are hung up there. I hung padlock for my best friends, and the other one is for my parents. Despite of the tiring journey to the top of the tower, i really enjoy it! its really worth it.

countless padlocks with love note <3

padlocks for my best friends <3

Day3- Namdaemun market ---->Hongdae--->Myeongdong
So basically the third day is time for shopping! We went to Namdaemun market, there are many cheap stuff here <3 and loads of souvenirs. The next stop is Hongdae! yay! I really love the ambience of this place. It has kind of free spirit of korean teens, and you can find many vintage stuff! not to mention the tempting sale! Then we went to Myeongdong, yep the most popular shopping area in Seoul. psst.. H&M is super cheap there :)

namdaemun market

uber cute nail polish for 1000 won each!

Hongdae vintage shops!

....the man on the tv is my favorite singer

Yay! We arrived at Myeongdong around 6.30, its like a long alley full with shops! You wont get enough of them haha. There are many beauty stores there, and you can find many beauty products that you wont find in other country. Too bad i didnt go to the underground shops, someone says those shops are much more cheaper! And finally i went to music store, i bought many kpop CDs haha. Well you cant find more complete kpop CD store then in Korea right?

my friend's favorite star :p

Then we went to Cheonggyeocheon stream... at 12.00 lol. It was really quiet there since it was midnight. but the good thing is we can took pics  more freely! haha. That place is really calming, i dont know why but i love the atmosphere of it.

can you see teens were drinking soju at the back?lol



  1. beautiful photos! xx

  2. Aww what a beautiful photos... I'm so jealous :P

  3. Great, I love it

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    visit back..:)

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  4. I love the place for shopping! Looks like it's a fun trip :D

  5. the last time i went to seoul was probably 6 years ago. i remember how fun it was just looking at your pictures!


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  6. superb live report ! I always wanna go Korea, lucky you

  7. Hi there,
    I just found your blog and im so so glad i did!

    your blog is so amazing and i love your photos! wow you are such an amazing phtotographer!!

    would you like to follow each other?i just followed you on GFC and would appreciate if you could do the same back! :) you are so lucky to have gone to korea, i wish i could go there one day~

    have a great day!
    Nicole and Eli

  8. I want to go to Seoul too! haha. I have so much envy right now. lol. Great shots! And I love that place where they can hang padlocks and add messages. <3


  9. These pictures are amazing, that tempts to be there.

  10. Awwwww! I realy want to go to South Korea! Pretty shopping clothes! OMG! I want to go to Namsan also! And and, did I just saw Sistar for Holika holika?! OMG I like them! You're lucky!! Wish I could go there and meet 2NE1 personally. :)


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