holiday project

Hi guise!! First, i'd like to say a bigggg apologize because i haven't post a thing for a long time. I had  my final exam week on the early December so it was a pretty intense week ._. But now im already on holiday. A BIG YEAY! These days things have gotten much better :) My school report is really satisfiying and i didn't expect it actually, and i went to Bandung for 3 days with my friends. It was supaa exciting. We shoot music videos there and it was fun yet embarrassing lol. It was a fun experience to shoot music video with them :3 Even it was tiring but it's worth it, and we're currently editing the video,can't wait till it's done and im gonna post it later. Well i just want to share pics at Bandung,here ya go..

oreo cheesecake plus strawberry cake,YUM :9

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w/ my precious LB

me + pororo = supa luv (lol)

P.S: i miss the balloons on the mom throw them outside the car because she's afraid they'll explode and all :( i even drew on them lols. Oh and i'll post outfit pics later okayy?

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thankies for visiting and commenting :3