The state i am in

Well, here i am now in my house at Jakarta, enjoying a week holiday and too lazy to go out because tomorrow i have to go back again to Singapore. I decided to post these shots, which have been abandoned for few months in my laptop. Went to Gillman Barracks few months ago. It is one of art spaces in Singapore and it consist of few blocks of art exhibitions. It is located around..telok blangah i think? I forgot already lol, anyway google is always there to help you. Been absent for couple months also on this blog omg i barely post a thing these days...but i update frequently on my instagram: @bellamoreway (if you're interested on my boring life snaps tho). 

I guess most of my clothing here is unbranded...except for the izzue shoes. You can find it in I.T stores in Singapore. Im currently into platform sneakers or practically sneakers and running shoes in general. Sneakers is a perfect shoes to walk around in Singapore or else i will get a leg cramp if i use wedges/heels. I also wear cropped turtleneck top, which i bought in bugis street. Coincidentally, it fits with my tartan mini dress, which i got from....bugis also. Srsly you can find a nice clothings with affordable prices if you look through closely in bugis street.

Well..these days life is okay for me. I mean i am not yet satisfied with my life, yet i am thankful for it. I'm thankful for many things that god has gave me but it doesn't mean its enough and i stop working to achieve what i desire. There are many things that i haven't accomplish and makes me worried about my future. But at this time, i just need to take a deep breath, look around, smile, and be thankful for what i have. 

xx, bella



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    1. i think... i took those snaps end of dec?lol

  2. cute look!

  3. super:) xx

  4. yuk ayuk ktemu.. aq sept kyknya ke sg lg d.. meet up yakk...

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  5. that tartan dress and platform <333
    i have the same problem and really worried about my future. all we can do is pray and never quit!


  6. lovely shots~ :))
    i love to shop at bugis as well whenever i visit SG <3
    anyway whatever you're dealing with stay strong this too shall pass :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. bellaaaaaa so cute banget sih kamuuuu, aku gemassshh :)

  8. nice as always :) keep in touch :) kisses :)

  9. Bellaa you're too cute XD
    I'm in love with your tartan dress ♥

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