"I think it's okay to be broken, that's how the light goes in."

Please mind my constant 'hiding-my-face' shots. Faceless shots is somehow interesting. It makes you wonder and think about the person's actual expression. Is it happy? Gloomy? Emotionless? People will guess based on their own perception. Every person must has a different perspective and thoughts about the faceless pictures. This reminds us that it is okay to have different perception at something. These days, people tend to have the same perception on things. Success is perceived by getting a high-paid job, beauty is perceived by skinny posture and certain face shape etc. I've been thinking about it....and that's what i like from a faceless shot. It makes you wonder. Makes you curious.

xx, bella



  1. Your faceless shots look interesting and very special, I agree. Those photographs are a bit melancholy, but it's what I love about them.
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. Aaa~ great shots! :')
    for me the photos are gloomy but that's the cool part! <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. I love faceless shots! I did it sometimes whenever I feel insecure or just ugly. Great photos btw!


  4. Very beautiful place with the sun light <3 and nice Outfit too.
    I really love when people express them self through fashion.

  5. Those are beautiful photos! I love your reddish outfit too!<3<3


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