Writing post in the middle of the night seems like my habit already. It is not my intention to write at midnight, but it feels like that time is perfect to pour all my thoughts while listening to soothing k-indie songs. At night, i can think about everything endlessly. Sometimes i can cry myself to sleep at night. Sometimes i think "Why me? Why things have to be like this?". I know that i made mistakes in the past and wondering why i did those things. Well, everybody makes mistakes right? Just face it and take it as a life lesson but remember not to make it twice. 

Sometimes i feel so insecure. No, all the time. I feel insecure about my skin colour, face feature, pimples, legs, and other things. Seems like i cannot live up people's expectation of beauty. I'm not sure if it is because the society. Society changes the perspective of beauty.

Negative thinking often pops out in my mind and i cant seem to get it out. Everytime i see someone who's better than me, i feel so insecure and useless. I am trying to fix these things. I won't let negative thinking surrounds me all the time. It is okay to be frustrated in some point, but we have to move forward. Live up your passion. Do what you love. Take activities and chances you never did before. Make friends and meet new people so you can get ideas from different perspectives. Visit a hidden and relaxing cafe and eat delicious dessert without thinking about diet. 

For the outfit, i wear this mini tutu skirt which have been hiding in my wardrobe for a long time. Totally loving my choker that i bought in a Japanese store. Actually i wasn't really into choker because i thought i won't suit me. Turns out that this one does! I love the pendant that has a vintage vibe.




  1. I know how you feel T__T I also feel so insecure about my arms and legs, and my friends often tease me about it. Then I realized the important thing is what I want to do and I decided to ignore them. Ganbatte ne! xD
    I love everything in this post! The alphabets top is so cute <3

  2. Nice:) x

  3. love the thoughts ci bell!
    i agree with you but we must be yourself and try to be more confident <3


  4. don't cry babe about mistakes in the past :) i know how you feel, skin, legs etc.. i also have a problem about it..
    but you must know, no human being is ferfect.. lupakan semua yg negative, dan jadilah dirimu sendiri, you're pretty syang ;)

  5. So pretty my sweety bella <3


  6. I can relate! I took me quite a while to get back into blogging because i've felt insecure about how my body looks after gaining weight. But i do know that it gets better over time. :) Also, i'm in love with your top!


  7. nice words you got there ci~ i also feel super insecure with my small eyes :')
    btw you look super adorable! love the chocker <33

    cheer, michelle

  8. Such a unique look! Love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  9. lovely choker! looking cute :3



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