coming up roses

Yep im finally back on track (again). Actually.. i dont know why i always delay my post and end up posting now. Maybe i feel like lacking of inspiration? There some post on my draft but i keep hesitating to post, and in the end i just abandon those post. I'm currently having school break until early August and all i've done is just sleep all day long like a koala srsly. I always sleep around 4 and wake up at 1 in the afternoon. Well, i just cant resist holiday vibe when you can sleep all day long without worrying abt assignment and stuff. This zara asymetrical skirt has been neglected for a while in my wardrobe. I'm not sure these days asymetrical skirt is still on trend, but well..i dont always follow newest trends tho. I pair it with my jeans vest which often shown up on my post for several times (Hope you dont mind). I think jeans vest is always perfect to pair up with girly dress or skirt. I'm going back to Jakarta tomorrow for a week. Cant wait to catch up with my friends and big family there, hope things turns out well and i can enjoy my time in jakarta <3 Also i just made a song playlist, well most of them are korean indie which i'm really diggin into right now. 

xx, Bella

Coming up roses from bellamoreway1 on 8tracks Radio.



  1. Awww bella! Lovely skirt <3


  2. nice:)) xx

  3. very cute shirt and collar and the skirt is lovely too. gorgeous floral pattern :D

  4. the skirt looks lovely cii~ x3
    safe flight yah for tomorrow~ can't wait to see you soonnnn~ :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. This is such a cute combination! Love it ~ adorable!! and I totally feel you- summer break is great since I don't need to worry about assignments and tests, but I actually kind of miss them... (I'm crazy, ahh!) Our school starts in September though, so one for month and a bit for us!! X

    Chic Nikkie

  6. maiiinnn ayuukk, jngan tidur trusss nnti ndut bell ahahahaha..
    btw you're so cuteeeee love lovee :D

  7. Love your outfit! :)


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