almost famous meets witness

So this post is inspired by a movie called Electrick Children. Almost famous and witness are actually movies. Almost famous is about the rock and roll life on 90s and witness takes place on the suburbs. Well, Electrick Children is like the combination of those two movies. Im totally anticipating it, its about a girl from the suburbs who discovers a forbidden rock music cassette tape. Three months later, she turns up pregnant and  decides to runaway from her home and go to the nearest city, Las Vegas, to search for the man who sings on the cassette tape, thinking he has something to do with her pregnancy.

Some of the quotes are from conduits song, top of the hill. Im really addicted to it these days. That song is electrick children's soundtrack, guess im too obsessed with this movie lol. I tried editing the pics with photoshop, im still a beginner,sorry if the editing is a bit weird. But hope you guys like them anyway :)

p.s: im off to korea tomorrow,super duper excited!
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  1. photos are dope!
    I have new post, so if you're bored, check it out if you want!

  2. cute post :3
    I'm sucks in photoshop thingy -___- so i thought you did it very well
    safe trip!!!! salam buat mam pap :)


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  4. LOVE THIS! Your blog is dreamy <3

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  5. Your photos turned out amazing! Love what you've done with them in a cool artistic way too. Definitely keep it up doll!

    Have a lovely day!

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  6. I love the jacket with the biker jacket and the black skirt. Nice post! :) xo

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  7. such a lovely dress <33
    Enjoy your trip to Korea, dear! :)


  8. Love your dotted dress! <3


  9. Cool!
    Is that a famous movie?
    I wanna watch it.
    and another coolness is you are going to korea. Wow!
    can't wait for your story :)

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