just like the old days

zara jeans outwear and fringe bag, unbranded stripes top and short, primark brogue * i forgot my necklace brand, bought it in brightspot market

well, it was taken when i was..5 years old?try to find me in this pic! haha
Hey! its been a while since my last post right? Well, i had many tests last week so i didn't have a right time to post anything. Since next week is national exam will be held so holiday is up :) good luck for those who will face the natonal exam, do your best!

Yesterday, i went to Novotel Bogor, i really misssssss this place! When i was 5 years old until elementary school i often stay in that resort. I dont know, i just love being there, maybe because the resort has a big garden and unique architecture. On weekend, there were also many events like magic show, horse riding, and shows for the kids so i didn't get bored at all. In the morning, i took a walk with my dad and discover places at the resort, it was like having an adventure for me when i was a kid lol -_- 

When i went there and took pictures around im feeling really nostalgic, reminds me of my childhood :) Actually nothing much had have changed since my last visit, except the children's playhouse that has changed into a fitness centre.. i used to play a lot in that place. I also went to the cafe and spent quality time with my mom, just relaxing, plug in my earphone, and enjoying the resort's scenery are just perfect for me, c'est plus tranquille :) But i didn't stay the night there because my parents had some gathering with their friends. I wish i stayed a little longer. well i think i write too much..so im gonna end this post, i'd love to hear your comments and surely i'll check your blog. Bye readers~

P.S: i think im gonna post more frequently since its holiday for me ^^

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  1. Great photos :) I love your shorts sweetie!

  2. Such a nice place !
    I get curious about the detail of your fringed sling bag. Show it to me someday, yes? :D


  3. you are so cute and the place looks amazing! http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com/

    p.s. love your blog header :)

  4. this is my fave outfit of yours ♥
    i love your short and your denim blazer makes your look adorable ♥


  5. The shirts look cute.



  6. Love the casual look dear! And you're blog is so adorable! I love the designs! Follow each other? :)


  7. Hi, nice photo shoot !
    I love your style :)

    I've followed you, dear..
    follow me back ;)


  8. So sresh and nice! I can't wait this summer in Poland ;(

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  9. You look so adorable :) I love the entire outfit!

  10. Wow, your smile is gorgeous! And the outfit is great, too. :)

    Xx, Saritschka.


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