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Hi all, yesterday moslems were having 'idul adha'. It's the sacred day when people sacrifice cows,lamb,or sheep. Well, too bad it comes up on Sunday, i dont get any day off lol. I met up with my big family yeay! thats what i loved the most on these kind of days. I went to my loong lost cousin's house and we took some pictures there. I just need to cherish those moment because in no time we 'll be apart one by one :( Some of them went to college,even abroad. Then, of course we ate 'sate',rendang,and other delicious food :9 i just can't resist them!
Hm yeah and i took some pics of my outfit, it's a bit random actually,but..here u go:

loving my nails currently
w/ my crazycousins :p

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  1. pretty nails, and love your true-life photos. you're such a lovely girl, and i enjoyed your blog. great banner! :) you have a new follower on google friends connect. :) i'd love to visit again, and would be so honored if you decided to do the same. have a great day!! all the best. :)


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