Escapism (Japan part 2)

Here it is, my Japan trip shots for the next couple days! After leaving Osaka, we went straight to Kyoto. Visited two temples in Kyoto and i had so much fun on this day. I really adore the ambience around Kiyomizu temple. It has a typical Japanese neighborhood scenery that i usually see in movies. I strolled around the souvenirs shops near the temple, bought some snacks ( how i just couldn't stop snacking in Japan..) and just enjoy the fresh air. Anyway, since i didn't have time to take videos of all the places i went in Japan, i tried to compile all short clips i have in my camera and make in into a short video. Do it check out below ^^

京都 Kyoto 

Green tea cream puff for life <3

富士山  Mt. Fuji 

The next day, we continued out trip to Mt. Fuji. It was quite a long ride though, took around 2/3 hrs to reach the area. However, it was all worth it. We had lunch near Lake Kawaguchi and i swear that was one of the best lunch i had in Japan. Then we had time to take pictures of the mountain but the weather was too cold that i cant barely took shots without getting my hands numb and rushing to hold my hand warmer. Then we visited a ski resort! I didn't try to ski or anything though.. i was just taking pictures of the scenery and made a short clip. It was one of my dream to film to video in a ski resort or any place that looks like a snow wonderland <3

Those shots pretty much sum up my stay in Kyoto and Mt Fuji. Oh wait, i still have one last post to end my Japan early winter trip so stay tuned!

xx, bella



  1. Amazing photos!
    I love Kyoto!

  2. the photos looks so beautiful <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. Omg japan with the snow looks so so dreamy! Was there during summer and it was blazing hot :'( lovely shots! x


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