Escapism (Japan part 1)

First of all let me wish a happiest new year for you all! Here i go, 2016. Please be nice and full with happy surprises will you? ><

Yes, i'm back from a short escape to Japan with my bruhh Mariska. If you follow me in instagram maybe you'll notice it. Been a while since i travel abroad since my Sydney trip so i was really excited. I didn't expect that Japan could leave a huge impression to me. It is indeed a lovely trip with a very nice hospitality. I'm not sure if its because of the chilly weather, the scenery, the atmosphere, or the companion that makes me eager to stay longer there. I decided to separate this trip shots into a couple posts, so please bare with me aight? I was planning to make a travel vid but it was nearly impossible due to the tour schedule. It was a packed trip since almost everyday we travel to different cities and change hotels. We went to Osaka, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, then finally we headed to Tokyo. Well, we arrived in Osaka first, then straightly visited USS, Osaka Castle, and Shinsaibashi area! 

Day 1- OSAKA

Universal Studios

Ok so the first thing i notice in Japan is how kawaii the ppl dress up. but srsly almost everyone's outfit in USS caught my eyes and its just fun looking at the freedom of expressing themselves through clothing style. I didn't get to go on many rides since the queue is...... awesome (can you feel the sarcasm?). We need to queue for like two and a half hrs but the unique thing is Japanese people love queueing. I mean they don't mind waiting in a line because thats where they socialize and get a chance to know each other better (especially for couples).

     Osaka Castle   大阪城

Then move on to Osaka Castle!  I was in love with this place. i guess i always fond of strolling around a park surrounded with trees because its just so 'tranquille'. I bought a holy takoyaki and green tea latte while enjoying the weather with my friend. It felt so nice tho, sometimes a simple thing like this can lift up your mood in any seconds.


We continue our trip to Shinsaibashi area. This is a shopping centre in Osaka where you can find brands like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, etc. I wasn't that into buying clothes but instead i was drown into japanese drugstore and cosmetics. For girls, i think its hard to escape from this kind of shops bcs the makeups are cheap with wide range of choice how can you handle this?? Ok so enough with the makeup rants. We had shabu shabu for dinner, which is perfect for the chilly weather then i took some shots of the area at night. I guess i will never get tired of seeing small alleys and night lights in Japan <3

view from our hotel in Osaka

I'll continue Japan travel shots in the next post, stay tuned!
xx, moreway



  1. lovely shots~ it looks so dreamy? <33
    btw happy (belated) new year bella :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. Awesome photos!

  3. what a really dreaming trip Bella! I really want to go to Japan, what travel tour do you use?? Is it recommend? ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

  4. Awesome post !!
    ive been craving to go to japan :(
    and really want to try on winter outfit so badly...
    hopefully i can go to japan very soon :)


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