It All Feels Right

So yeah, back with another post. This past few days has been a roller coaster ride for me. I feel like so tired and yet it feels right anyway. Bumped into some unexpected situations and i almost blur how to handle it. Thank god it all worked out quiet well.
Nowadays i'm into those kind of apparels that fit me to walk around and explore the city all day long. Well, dress down at its best i guess. At first i hesitant to wear those strap sandals (since there's a big ornament in the middle and i dont rlly fancy 'eyecatching' stuff lol) but turns out it matches well with my simply simpleton loose dress. 

Someone keep me company for this weekend though. Im really grateful i got a multitalented friend like her. I don't know if i can survive this past weekend without her and fortunately i can pass it without losing my grip. We went to esplanade and head to the rooftop. Not much ppl around so we can freely took shots!

Ice cream cone on the tote bag? Who can resist?

 Everything's feels right when you got your best friend around while slurping yummy strawberry milk. Cheers!



  1. super cute bels! :D
    adore your sandals and hat <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. sandalnya lucu gilak:)
    very inspiring post:)

    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia...
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  3. beeeell you're so cuteee here loveee :)


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