By your hand

By your hand is the only end I foresee,

I have been dreaming,
you've been dreaming about me

Just a short post in the middle of the night. Tomorrow i'm still having my final exam and i am really stressed out now. Well, i already did what i can so now i'm just hoping for the best of luck! After the exam i'm going straight to the airport to have a one week trip! (finally yayyy) I will definitely tell you more about my trip after i come back to Singapore. I intended to go back to Jakarta attend Indonesia Fashion Week but my parents are eager to visit other place and i'm still on my exam week so....yeah. Currently, this oversized denim jacket is being my favourite item. I just really love to wear oversized outwear i dont even know why... even my boyf asked me why i really like to wear oversized things lol. Finally i wear these two piece clothing that i bought in Bugis like months ago. Thanks to my oversized denim jacket that literally could match every mini dress that i have. So, see you in a week guys, i just done packing my stuffs and so ready for the vacation. Have a great day! ^^

xx, moreway



  1. You look super cute and stylish! You definitely have an amazing sense of style) Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

  2. ahhh kyopta banget bell, love your shoes, denim jacket and that matching crop top is so cooll!

  3. this is such a classic jacket, I love it! :D

  4. those shoes are so dope! You look cute with that jumbo size ribbon.

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    Have a nice day!

  5. kawaii look! <3 <3
    have a nice trip! :D

  6. you're so cute kak!
    love the shoes so much<333


  7. i love your outfit here! xx

  8. Following you. Your Blog is so beautiful and your pictures too!

    Maybe you like my blog too. Started a fashion blog a few days ago!

    Thank you <3

  9. Cute, I love your shoes ^^

    恵美より ♥

  10. Uuuuhh Bellsss, kamu tuh cute sekaliii! denim jacketnya superb!
    See you in Jakarta (hopefully) soon! ;))

  11. you're shoes are so rad!
    love them


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