Falling Star

 I prayed that I wanted to become an adult
I rushed too much because I thought I could do something

I spilled the happiness away, I lost love
Did I not stop and only ran forward?

 I am losing myself, 
Only worries increase
As if I have the whole world by just owning a picture card
Have I forgotten those nights that I fell asleep with a fluttering heart?

I'm typing this post after my first exam in university. It was accounting exam and well...it was so so. Just hoping the result will come out well! Do you ever feel like rushing out your life? I mean, when i was in junior high school, i really want to be a senior high schooler. In senior high school, i couldn't wait to be a college student and i was really focused and spent my time to prepare for college entrance. After getting in university, i try to achieve good grades and focusing on the degree program  for next year. But have i enjoyed all the life i've been through? It's like i always making a target for the future but not likely enjoying the present. So, cherish the moment in your life in the present because you'll never know what's going to happen in the future. Tell everyone you love how much they mean for you, because you never know if you're going to be apart. Because the thing that is really matter is right now...the present time.

Anyways, my love for plaid outfit is still on! I know i just bought a plaid dress but i just can't resist this checkered mini dress. Combine it with my dotted stocking (which i just realized i have it!) and my platform sandals. Finally i found a decent denim platform sandals! Bought them in a pretty cheap deal ;) Oh well, this weekend i am going to go back to Jakarta! YAY I'm having a week holiday so why not going back? Planning to meet my friends, cousins, and fellow bloggers there. If we bump to each other just greet me! lol but i'm way too awkward so yeah.. ha ha. But rlly it will be really nice to have a meet up when i'm in jkt. Too bad i can't attend JFW because it's currently my exam week and when i get to Jakarta in Saturday, the event will be finished already.
So, wishing you all a nice week! Until the next post ><




  1. so cute :)


  2. aaaaw you look so cute dear. love the tights <33


  3. lovely blog!

  4. lovely dress.. simple yet adorable <3

    makasiiii, jadi seneng deh postnya bisa bikin terharu.. uda malu total tuh bikin videonya.. hahahhaha

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  5. hallo salam kenal ^^
    kamu manis sekali pakai dress itu ,,love your style..


  6. polkadot tight !!! great outfit from head to toe :)

  7. ah that is just adorable dress
    and I love the little print mixing with that polkadot stockings!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  8. I fancy vintage dress! And you put it together with polkadot stocking, which is very lovely. You look super kawaii!


  9. Wow, your outfit is so cute that I'm sure no one will be able to see you as a university student. The dress is so adorable and the way it flows!

    I completely agree with you. Live the moment you are in right now. I felt the same way when I was a kid. I couldn't wait to grow up and be cool or mature and stuff. I had such high expectations of the future me. Now that I'm an adult I realized that being a kid is actually funner.


  10. You looks so cute :D


  11. Looking so cute in that dress! Especially when you put on that bow on your hair. Cute!



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