Just sitting in my new room while listening to nell's album. Today feels a bit...surreal. I mean, i am already living in a new house in Singapore. I still can't believe that i've left my house in Jakarta. Leave my friends, relatives, and all the memories there. Maybe it sounds so dramatic but yeah.. just can't believe i'm leaving from jkt.

my new sanctuary

I'm going to start going to university at the end of august, so i still have like 2 months for holiday. Such a long holiday isn't it? Maybe i'll go around the city and take tons of shots and beside that.....srsly i really dont know what to do besides blogging, sightseeing around the city, and yes shopping.  Also the thing that bothers me is that i haven't get any friends here..(sounds kind of pathetic but its true currently)   Going to miss my highschool friends so badly. We will be apart but i'm sure it is a start of new journey.

favorite spot in the room <3
Maybe i should go into some cooking or language course to fill my 'unemployed' days here. I'd like to explore some cozy places in the city and also going to new clothing stores that i never visited. Any reccomendations? :)

 tried to sort them by colors i swear, but it turns out like this

my friends message for me lol gonna miss them real bad..

p.s: sorry im just too lazy to edit the pics, mind the pic's quality

Until the next post! I'll post about Indcreativeweek which i attended last friday :D



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    1. yesss they're too cute and fluffy to be abandoned in pondok bambu mars c:

  2. hello dear.. I love to see your new bed room. specially for inside your wardrobe.. preety:)
    Just wait some days or months.. I am sure you will have a friend or even friends
    Enjoy your day sis .Kissesssss


  3. Good luck on your Singapore adventure! I hope you'll meet new people soon and that you'll have a fantastic that in college :) x

  4. Amazing room! So lovely:)

  5. aaahh you've moved to Singapore? good luck for your uni! try shopping in The Editor's Market :P

    Pudding Monster

  6. great room tour! your room is so cute :D

  7. i like your room - so cute! have a great holidays! i'm sure you will find what to do during these months!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  8. I moved from my country, family and friends last summer, I can understand you, it still feel surreal every day! But at the same time it's so cool to have 2 months free in a new city! I wish I could just walk, drink coffee, take photos and blog! Have fun!

  9. NIce room! Good luck for University....

  10. nice blog dear! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)


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