h&m flower headband and sneakers, forever 21 cut out jeans top, miss selfridges skirt, grinitty shop  legging

 My school days are finally over. I dont know whether to be happy or sad about it. Well... and i'm moving to Singapore in early June so that means its just like a month ahead. Its still a bit surreal to think that im moving out from my house in Jakarta. It will be a new environment, new friends, new experience, and all. Its true that some things have to change right? I went to Singapore for 4 days to take a look at the university that i'd like to go and just refresh my mind from all the stressful exams. But mostly i shopped around and took pics with my mom rather than seeing the campus lol.

Im wearing a cut out jeans top which is really comfy! and i also heart my new cat printed legging from grinitty shop. These days i'm kinda into sneakers and other shoes with no heels, i dont know why. These pics were taken in gardens by the bay. It is such a beautiful place with many kinds of enchanting plants. I just love going to the garden and just refresh my mind there. Until the next post!




  1. Ahhhh serius pindah ke spore??? :"(

  2. so beautiful, the garden is amazing!

  3. looking good with that outfit!

  4. Love the outfit! Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

  5. heiiiiiii...salam kenal:))
    sebelumnya terimakasih banyak ya sudah mau meluangkan waktu jalan2 ke blog aku, dan terimakasih juga untuk komentarnya ya:)
    jika suatu saat kamu punya waktu ,luang lagu jalan2 keblog aku, aku tunggu followback dari kamu ya, aku sdh follow blog kamu loh, hehe:))\
    happy weekend yaaa:))

  6. such a pretty cat printed legging! :-)

  7. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  8. So beautiful! <3

  9. love the outfit! <3


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