Indonesia Fashion Week 2013: Urban Senja Fall/Winter Hengki Kawilarang

Urban senja represents the heterogen people in town. Black, purple,midnight blue, silver and gold colors  dominate this collection. This collection mostly combine sequined fabrics with light fabrics. It also shows a see-through top with enchanting details. Every looks has its own story and detailed ornament. The accessories make the looks more edgy yet classy. It really shows the ambience of women in a big city at night. They're bold yet feminime. It is showed by sequins that catch people's attention and the light fabrics which make the dresses more ladylike.

The cutting is too perfect


look at the glittery mid-length pants!

much love for the long abstract printed outer
Flashy fabrics and velvet combination

totally craving for this long outer!  Gold sequin and peacock print match really well

I love this peacock feather printed dress.The mixture of catchy sequin and peacock print is too gorgeous. The light fabric make the dresses so beautifully flowy.

LBD with lacey tights <3

Loving the color combination. The maxi skirt really pulled off the look! and the shoes give edgy feels to it

Simply elegant.Adore the see through top details.

The man behind this super gorgeous collection, Hengki kawilarang

Overall, i adore this collection for its amazing fabrics combination. It mix many style with different fabrics such as silk, velvet, and glittery fabrics yet still pull off a modern and classy look.



  1. nice shot! great post!
    kok kita gak ketemu ya? :D

  2. That bedazzled jacket is one of a kind !!! Also that velvet dress is stunning :)

    I invite you to join my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY !!

  3. how amazing, I love those peacock feather pattern too..
    thank you so much for your appreciation for my blog post. :)

  4. the other girl that i envy !
    how i wish i can go to Indonesia fashion week :(
    btw , Nice Post beb ! :)

  5. aduhhh aku gak nonton neh yang hengki nyeselll :(((
    really ? pas hari 1 aku ddk di tempat press kamu d mana bel?

  6. his collection are great! ranselnya yg pink lucu sekalii <3


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